Artists in Lockdown, from ambulance service operations to awareness statuses

The second phase of lockdown in Nepal has passed a week. At this time, like other sectors, the film sector is also deserted. Some of the artists are busy filming music videos even though they are at home during the lockdown. Some are spending time with their families. We are going to give information about what artists are doing in today’s program.

Some artists are busy on social media while some artists are leading in social work. With the start of the second wave of Covid 19 in Nepal, there is a shortage of ambulances. Infection of Covid 19 is high in various districts of the country including Kathmandu. As the infection spread, news started coming that the patient could not reach the hospital on time. In this situation, some of the artists are busy in operating the ambulance service with the intention of getting to the hospital on time as they are sick from the corona.

An ambulance service with emergency services has been launched under the collective leadership of Om Samaj Dental Hospital, Biraj Samaj, social engineers and artists. The campaign has the support of social activists including Captain Vijay Lama, artist Nikhil Upreti, comedian Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budha), Sanchita Luitel. This campaign will provide relief to the poor, miserable, helpless and troubled patients of Covid.

Engineers have stated that they will provide services to take the patients to the hospital as much as possible. In addition, this service has come into operation from 18th of Baishakh. About 50 people are using this service daily. The campaign has been conducting activities such as taking the patients to the hospital they want to go to and arranging oxygen.

Veteran comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha has returned home after being released from Corona after eight days. After he was released from the hospital, he released a video saying that there is nothing in life, so they have issued a message asking each other to help each other without any angry political tricks. five members of her family were diagnosed with corona.

Similarly, singer Prakash Saput, who is popular in the field of folk singing, has also been confirmed to have corona infection. He had undergone PCR test at Kathmandu Medical College. He has informed about his corona infection through his Facebook. A few days ago, he had made public the song “Mein Nahi Hai”. Which went to 1 million views in one day.

On social media, busy artists have written informative statuses to avoid corona. Among them, Gauri Malla, writing about Yudhisthira, has requested Jogin from Corona. Similarly, Harivansh Acharya has sung a song about Corona. Also, artists like Kedar Prasad Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel and Varsha Shivakoti have requested their viewers and listeners to be vigilant through social media.

Some artists are preparing for the wedding. Aakash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma, Nita Dhungana and Harihar Ghimire are in love with each other. The couple has hinted that they will tie the knot in the near future.

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