Aryan gave such an argument about Kabaddi 4 division

The music video “Meri Sani” starring Aryan Sigdel and Rubina Thapa has been released. She says that Aryan has a lot in common with Rubina. She said that Rubina first met him in Pokhara and when she saw him there for the first time, she was surprised to see his looks. Aryan said that she is now out of the division of Kabaddi Char and although she supports the artist with the good, the bad thing has a bad effect on the life of the artist. The team that has been struggling in the field of Nepali song music for a long time has prepared this music video.

Aryan says that the music video has been prepared by incorporating the real story inside the minds of the people. Aryan has said that she will never leave her boyfriend, no matter how much she has suffered in her life. She said that while living in a world dependent on one another, one should never leave one’s loved ones behind. She says that the greatest love, affection and trust in each other is in the life of a human being. “Every person has a different story in their life and that gives them a different kind of happiness,” said Aryan. He said that the song composed by uniting love will save the inspiration inside a person.

The team said that they enjoyed working together with Rubina Leyrian, and that they were able to work together, sharing their experiences. He said that he is proud to be involved in the field of Nepali acting and to share experiences by working with famous artists. The team said that everyone was moving forward with a good laugh. Aryan says that because he enjoys his work, he is happy to continue his work even when he is late or early. “People always have to respect their work and enjoy it,” he said.

“Aryan is a song that can be found by any person, it is a song suitable for everyone’s life,” he said. They are said to reflect life. Aryan Sigdel, who has made a name for himself in the Nepali cinema industry, is an integral part of the cinema industry. The movies he has acted in have been huge hits. Actress Rubina, who is very much interested in movies and music videos, has been very popular in recent times.

Rosie, who has always had a high regard for her work, said that she has gained a lot of attention from music videos and art. The protagonist Aryan, who describes himself as very leisurely, has said that he has lived his life with entertainment without getting frustrated in anything. Artists who have been involved in the field of art for a long time and have succeeded one after another, have played an important role in this movement. He said that the song was composed by embracing love, it has a good feeling.

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