As soon as the work of Hark Sampang office is done

Mayor Hark Sampang, who is being talked about in the country and abroad, after finishing his office work, carries a spade with the people and starts donating labor to the people. Since he has to serve the people, as soon as the office work is done during the office hours, he starts working in Sardu himself. When Manis become people’s representatives, they travel by plane with leaders and activists. But as a positive message in the Sampang society, they live an equal life and spend time with the people.

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan, who is getting success and appreciation in everything he does, has said that after providing water to the people of Dharan through Shramdan, he is now taking steps for the arrangement of Bidhut as well. Nowadays, people say that they work in Shramdan, they eat lunch worth 2-3 lakhs, but they say that we do not come here to eat lunch, but because we come here to work, we do not spend on lunch.

He said that those who have contributed to this work, everyone has a plan, in the days to come, a program will be held to reduce drug addiction one day a week on Friday. After the water of Pakuwa river reached Dharan, Mayor Hark Sampang has requested to thank him because he is only a means and this work has been done by all Dharan people. As he is a common man, I do not want to make him a hero, because all this is the work of the people, he is the people who deserve thanks. He said that although this work is small for the opposition, it is a very big work for him.

He said that a good team is needed to achieve a common goal and it plays an important role in building society. He said that even though the party requested him to come, he did not go. He said that although he had different opinions with the president who was of his party’s opinion at the beginning, now everyone has a good rapport, and the deputy mayor said that he is a good friend. He said that people who used to play carrom board, now they are breaking stones, working and walking on the path of development.

Mayor Hark Sampang has requested that the people of Dharan send him to build the development of Dharan by giving him valuable votes, he should first fulfill the responsibility he got, listen to the complaints of the people, and continue on the way to solve the problem. are He has seen the meetings before today and raised his voice saying that he did not bring up the place where he was born and brought up, that it was a big mistake to attack the independent candidate. He has requested to continue working.

Hark Sampang became the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city after becoming an independent candidate. After he won, people asked him to cut him off when he walked alone, when he wore slippers, when he was walking. He said that he will continue to struggle until he cannot provide service facilities. Hark Sampang has said that he has not done anything, this should be the wife of the people living in Dharan. He said that he should congratulate himself on the day he fulfills his election promise to the people of Dharan.

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