As the Melamchi floods hit the market, the locals could not sleep all night.

Since floods and landslides come suddenly without anyone knowing, they cause great accidents, which lead to major accidents. Last year, Melamchi was flooded when there was a big loss, that flood washed away some houses, and thousands of dreams that were decorated with the house were swept away in the water at once. He said that the government could not manage the flood victims and again, because of the rainy season, they will be afraid if it rains again.

He said that he will build a beautiful house and fulfill his life’s wishes in it. The houses built by taking loans, now the debts are increasing day by day and the land of the house is nothing. Locals say that even though those who have money have migrated, the people from whose village they have nothing else live here. Locals have said that when the Melamchi river is rising, they are not able to sleep even at night due to the floods of the previous year. Locals say that the flood has left the middle market and although it is less now, the flow of water will increase after the rains.

Due to the unseasonal rains, many people lost their crops in Nepal last week, but the government has not been able to take much action despite the fact that the common people have to bear such crops every year due to the rains in Nepal. At other times, the concerned party is sitting with oil in the ear, when there is a problem, salt is applied to the wound. In Nepal, it is necessary to take proper measures before problems arise. Citizens can’t come out except thinking about how to light the stove in the morning and evening, the government wakes up only after the problem is solved, the government that sleeps at other times wakes up after reaching the victim for social service assistance and returns with assurances.

Due to the flood in the Melamchi River, many areas including the local people and the government invested in the area were destroyed. After the landslide reached the river, the tunnel that brings water to Kathmandu from the Melamchi river is 40 meters below, experts said, it will take some time to clean it and bring water to Kathmandu again and it will cost a lot of money. The concern that the river will be buried when the yam starts and it starts raining again has become the subject of another investigation.

Melamchi reached Kathmandu after the completion of the water supply project. After 3 months of Melamchi drinking water, the flood and landslides in rainy season destroyed the place where water comes from Melamchi river. It was not there, it was cleaned and the work of bringing water was started again. The Chinese company Sino Hydro, which had worked here in the past, has been entrusted with it and the work has been started again.

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