Asha Khadka’s brother of “Kanchi” serial has such a beautiful wife and son.

Santosh Neupane, who is known as the brother of Asa Khadka, who is working in the popular serial “Kanchi”, has come to New Pariyar in his hometown Sahir and has had a conversation with presenter Shishir Bhandari on current affairs. He said that his wife and the tiktok he made at home were very much liked by the audience and the tiktok was drawn by his son. Yap Tiktok, which is being used by many people now, has made people viral overnight.

He said that after the viewers started liking the video of what the two did on the ticket, he would sometimes post one or two tickets while going out. Santosh said that father, mother, children are all like friends and even in the serial, father and himself are like friends. Santosh said that even though he got married to Prek, he forgot about what he had met for the first time. He said that after meeting here, he got married and stayed here.

She said that even though her husband got married only in the serial, sometimes with friends, he cut the acting in the serial and sent it to her, even though he felt sad when he talked, he understood that such things continue because he is an artist. She said that she did not go to the place where the serial shooting of her husband’s play was far away and she also felt bored. The couple said that they had a lot of fun in Siusar Tar.

Santosh said that they did not travel much before the marriage and it was a lot of fun to travel with the family after the marriage. After living in love for two years, when a lot of marriage presses started coming from home, he said that he had to find a suitable girl in the village and in the city, he married a girl he knew. He said that his mother and father used to tell him about the past, the things of the village house, even though he and his sister had fought before, now they are very friendly. He said that now the brothers and sisters have started working together.

He said that the kurta given by Santosh before marriage was very good. He said that he used to talk a lot to girls even if he was not his girlfriend as he had a habit of pointing at people who are in the field of art. He said that even though he had a house in Kathmandu before the marriage, he is now better because of the support he got from his later wife. He said that after his son left home in the morning, he used to come in the evening and all his habits were good. He said that his wife has a good habit of not abusing Santosh whenever he comes home.

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