Ashok darji, came up with new song, talk with Tanka Budhathoki and Ashok

After launching “Chauri Ko Chapro Churpi 2” in the market, the team of Tank Budhathoki, Asok Darzi, AR Budhathoki LP Lanwa Limbu and others are bringing it to the market.  In this song, he has given a message with the feeling that love is more than love.  Tank said that now when Asok and AR are between children and adults while composing songs, it is difficult to produce songs due to the mismatch of voices.  Now Asok’s voice has changed a lot.

No one would have thought that a child with a rich voice would go to the market and sing songs to ask for money for his needs and wishes and the household oil soap.  The children who used to drink alcohol at their father’s house and quarreled with each other, and the family relations were broken, have suddenly changed.  Even though the society has reached the twenty-first century and new technologies have been developed, there is no change in people’s lives.

Some people are still being tormented by the same old traditions.  While studying in school, we read that manb is the same, but we never applied that people are the same in behavior.  Although AR, Ashok and Tank live as a family in the same house, they say that even now, they will run away.  Even now, people who are being discriminated against by outsiders in the society say that people have not applied proper education in practice.  Asok and AR live in harmony with each other, even if we buy the same, we buy the same, and since the quality is the same, the audience also tells us that they love us more.  Everyone says that they liked the pair of three people who got a lot of love from the audience.

Ashok and AR, who are more focused on studies, say that they are making good progress in their studies as well, and they are busy in songs and music during the school holidays. Tank says that everything has been going well in our house since the day Ahsok arrived, and he says that everyone in the house has been taught that everyone is one human being.  .  He tells us all to behave the same way because the social education he studied is also applied at home.  Even though we have some differences from the society, we understand that we are one human being, so our behavior remains the same.  They have proved that people are not made small or big by race, but work makes them small.

He tells us that asok and AR’s studies and upbringing are going on together, so there is no problem in their upbringing.  Tank, who has received good support from home, says that others do not care.  He tells that not only Asok is in Surdhan, but his family is also in Surdhan.  Ashok, who went home on Dasai, says that he was very happy to see that his parents had progressed a thousand times than before.  Ashok says that his parents also raised sugarcane at home and improved their habits.  He says that some time ago, his elder father was drinking alcohol and was drunk at home and it is similar.

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