Asmita Adhikari: Leaving nursing on a singing journey, living a dream life

There are many desires in the mind of a person, the family is raising a dream and the parents are raising it, the desire of the children is changing. Asmita, who had a dream of becoming a nurse, started her journey of song and music when she came to Nepal Idol. Although she could not win the title of Nepal Idol, she was not taking her steps to the peak of success day by day. Even though the desires of the people were different, the circumstances of the time had led them in a different direction.

In the market, it has been rumored that Mahesh is in love with her, she has said that she is not in love with anyone. She said that Mahesh Kafle, who has been making headlines in the music market recently, is a close friend of hers and a close friend of the two. She said that when two people are involved in music, they are working together to move forward in life. “Love is the most important thing in my life, so I love my family and the audience the most,” she said.

After Nepal Idol introduced her, she started getting many offers of song music and she started enjoying in the same field. As time and circumstances taught her different things, an unexpected change took place in her life, which led her to the pinnacle of success. Asmita, who can do justice to all the songs in the field, has been found to be very good in the studio programs lately. Asmita said that she is very happy to be known as a singer.

Manis has said that he should always keep the skill and art that he has in life with the audience, he should not only consider money as the biggest thing in life, he should also consider the inner strength as the greatest. She said that in recent times, she has been very happy to work with artists from all walks of life. Asmita, who has succeeded in achieving success in one song after another, is a singer who is on the cusp of success day by day. She said that the color of love in life is very good and everyone’s love is very necessary.

Asmita says that she loves all the songs she has done and that she has given a message of new power in her life. “I am just happy to be here,” she said. Asmita, the most sought after singer in the last generation, said that she is very happy when she gets the love of the audience and she is happier in life when she gets to sing the songs of the movie. She said that she is always happy in life and continues her journey by understanding every step of life. Although she has a dream of becoming a nurse in her life, she said that she enjoys living in Nepal as she is interested in the field of art.

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