Asmita dream finally came true, Kathmandu with her mother dancing in the Indreni

Asmita Ranpal is a very talented youth who got viral through Tiktok. She came into limelight all over the social media like-Facebook and Youtube because of her brilliant dance performance. Many people including from own land Nepal and international world are praising her and her hidden talents. Asmita Ranpal is from walign,Nepal. She is from lower class family who really gets deprived from simple basic needs. In spite of a lot of defiance’s in her home she never down herself from her interest.

She is not only an amazing dancer but also a fine football player and a brilliant student in her college. She has grandmother and her own mother along with her brothers in her house. They live in a rent. Her father is living in India for the job purpose to support the family and to fulfill the family needs. Her mother sells the chatpat and panipuri in the walign District to earn some money from it so that she can afford some needs of her family members and can help her husband by supporting him economically.

Ranpal grandmother is also equally supportive towards her family, and always enroll her hands to support the Ranpals mother, either by cooking or by her helping hands in the daily activities like-sweeping, cleaning, and so on. Ranpal also has younger brothers. Ranpal is a student from education faculty and she is reading in free of cost in her college. She is really thankful towards her college for providing her Scholarship because it really helps her family to lessen the burden. She came into limelight overnight through the Tiktok where her dance videos got viral. A lot of people from different corners of the world praises her dancing performance and also said that they will support her financially as well, if she wants to go forward and do something in dancing field in upcoming days.

She is really thankful to all of them and said she also added that she really wants to go forward and do a lot of good works in future so that she can make proud to her family and her country. She also gets a cash amount of Rs. 50,000 from Mechi Mahakali  बुहारी संयुक्त आवाज because of her work and she will also get scholarship from her college in near future. Maha Nayak – Rajesh Hamal also send message to the Ranpal saying that he is very happy by looking her performance. He also conveys the message that he wants to meet her and welcoming her to the capital city Kathmandu. Also added to take her as an artist(dancer) for the music videos.

She is going to Kathmandu soon for the Indreni Karyakram where she will show dance and make all of us very proud. we may see her in upcoming music videos. Not only that she will actively take part in the football and will be ready to compete with international team being a representative from our country Nepal. All the best wishes for very active, talented and beautiful girl Asmita Ranpal.

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  1. Vagawati KC

    News लेख्दा बुझेर लेख्नुस न मेचीमहाकाली आमा समुह होईन हजुर मेचीमहाकाली बुहारी संयुक्त आवाज हो !

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