Asmita who went viral after playing wrestling in the mud with Chhatra Shahi

In Nepal, Asar 15 is celebrated as Paddy Day every year. On this day, farmers plant in their paddy fields and eat curd. However, in recent years, the youth have started celebrating Asar 15 as a ‘festival of playing in the mud’. A picture went viral on Paddy Day. In the picture, two young men and women are seen romancing in the mud.

There is a lot of trolling on social media saying that they have carried out riotous activities in the mud under the pretext of planting paddy. However, many do not know who they are and what the reality of the scene is. The young woman seen in the picture is wrestler Asmita ‘Jureli’ who used to model in the past.

She is now known as a female wrestler. Meanwhile, Asmita Jureli has come to the media and told the truth about the incident that day. Asmita apologized and said that she was worried about the bad comments. Chhatra Shahi called Asmita and cried.

A photo from the transplant program is going viral on social media. In the viral photo, a young woman and a young man are lying in the mud. The young woman hugged the young man tightly.

It looks as if the young man is trying to free her from the clutches of a young woman wrapped in a blanket. The young woman, half drowned in the mud, seems to be smiling. Someone took a photo at that time and the same photo is now going viral all over the network.

Many have commented on the photo, which went viral on social media. Social media users have reacted by linking Hari Parajuli, who lost his ministerial post due to the transplant scandal, to the fact that there should be no distortion in the name of transplanting.

According to a source, the girl who went viral in the transplant scandal is famous wrestling player Asmita Jureli (goldsmith). Asmita comes from a modeling background. Her performance can be seen in more than half a dozen music videos. She also became a villain in the movie Labyrinth. However, in 2070, as he met female wrestler Bhagwati Khadka, the path changed.

Then, Bharat Bahadur Visural learned the art of wrestling with ‘Himalayan Tiger’. And, from Asmita, she became ‘Jureli’. According to a source, Indrani is an artist who went viral after having sex with Jureli in a transplant program organized by the Youth Association.

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