At the executive meeting of Dharan Sub-metropolitan, Hark Sampang challenged all ODA chairpersons.

Mayor Hark Sampang called his budget bad, tried to call him an independent mayor, tried to make his children look like he was not my child. You have been sent to win, you have been told to work responsibly. Say that you have done the work you have undertaken, quit working without meaning, walk away saying that the work you have done is wrong, quit the habit of not allowing others to work.

Mayor Hark Sampang requested the people of Dharan to give their invaluable votes and send for the development of Dharan. Are It is a great mistake to look at the meetings before today and to say that you have not been brought up in the place where you were born and raised. He has requested to continue working.

He said that Sampang has been planting trees every Saturday to protect the water source. The first number is improving the drinking water source, saving the water source, and the second number is to make Dharan clean and beautiful. He said that he is planning to plant fruit trees everywhere and prevent drug abuse so that Badar can be found in the flower forest. Sampang said that everyone should work hard to save the municipality’s expenses in Berthai and invest the money in the new place.

He said that as he is a normal person, he should change his life, for the sake of development, he will continue his work from simple work of breaking stones, carrying stones to big work. Mayor Hark sang the song for the sweet masses in an interview. He said that when Mayor Hark Sampang finds water sources, brings people and breaks stones with himself and distributes water to consumers, when everyone is together on the same label, intimacy will also increase. He said that even though he had to go to jail for trying to bring out such information, now he can get information on what he does not know.

Earlier, he had to pay a large amount of electricity bill for other things, but he said that he would develop Dharan by saving unnecessary expenses. Hark Sampang, who wants to be the first to warn about the water problem in Dharan Metropolitan City, has been searching for more wells while repairing the old ones. Soaking in the seasonal rain with a motorcyclist, they reached Khaire Khola on Sunday with the aim of providing clean drinking water to the people of Dharan. He said that when everyone works together, there will be development for everyone to work with entertainment.

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