Ati bho- Epi 65

Ati Bho, a comedy TV series, tries to show the stories of the society by satirizing the stories of the very naive society.  It is not only entertainment but also gives a positive message to the society.


There is a tendency to be ashamed and lazy to do any work abroad but to do any work in one’s own country.  This series is trying to show that it allows others to eat. It is also shown here that if you work, you will earn enough in your own country.  It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t love you.

It has been shown that the children of the poor in the country are directly and indirectly robbed by the people who have reached the leadership level.  Less than a week after starting his business, the extortionists reach Joitigre without work. It has been shown that the society which has been corrupted by breaking the law due to big increase is now going in a bad direction.  The mother thinks that her son has started working hard to earn a living.

Most of the people in selfish love relationships fail. Some people waste a lot of time. When they need money, they are lured by various sweet things and fall into the trap of false love.  She calls him to the hotel to ask for money. But she doesn’t know that boys also have their own bondage problems.

After all, in grief, everyone leaves together, no one is their own. People have lost everything when they find out that they have lost their property. When people have something, there are many who run after them for their property.  In the meanwhile, there are enough people to leave along the way. Even when people are called with a lot of love in the hope of getting something, the tendency to leave after knowing the reality of it is strong.

People don’t know anything at first. When someone starts something, then there is no shortage of beatings after it.  Many have used others for their own selfish ends. Some people have done various things without knowing it. After all, the future will determine the extent of it.

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