Attack on yoga practice after adding the name of india

The feeling of yours and mine in people, due to the evil eye towards others, is sometimes very embarrassing. A joint yoga conference held at the Maldives National Football Ground on the occasion of International Yoga Day has come under attack. After a crowd of hardliners entered the stadium on the occasion of Yoga Day, there was an attack between the two teams. Due to the bad habits of the people, such incidents tend to come out.

In the event of the Maldives government and the joint project in India, cutter pinhs, started, the police had to use frustrations to make the police to sign a group. After the clash between the two sides, the situation deteriorated and, according to the international media, it worsened. Maldivian President Imrahin Solihur has called for an investigation into the incident and for Dosi to be brought to justice.

He said that since the Soli people took the incident seriously, he would fully investigate the incident. Such incidents are repeated due to the bad weather in the mice. In the viral video from there, a group of youths entered the stadium carrying sticks and flags. At the same time, as the crowd started moving towards the people doing yoga, when the police started removing them, there was an attack. In such an organized program, after the parties become opponents, clashes are found.

Earlier in the day, the Purusha Nagar Parishad had refused to give permission for the program in Raswan Marij Bij due to clashes during the program. The council has called on the people of the coast to join the protest. For those who practice yoga, a section of the Muslim community opposes yoga. The clash appears to have been sparked by a joint yoga exercise program in the wake of India’s growing anti-India sentiment in the Maldives.

Yoga is now practiced by people all over the world, which is considered to be good from the point of view of health, which people have done in their daily life to keep their health healthy. Since yoga also cures major ailments in human beings, people consider yoga as their way of life. As people around the world celebrate Yoga Day, a joint project of India and the Maldives, there was a rift when some opposition groups tried to protest.

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