Attempts to reconcile 89-year-old man and his wife

Husband and wife are said to be the two wheels of a chariot. It is very important to have a match between these two in life. Only a good relationship can make life easier.

It is natural to have minor quarrels or misunderstandings in a marital relationship. Husbands and wives often have a hard time keeping up with each other because of the current hustle and bustle. A life full of love and happiness before marriage is limited to a fantasy after marriage.

When there are complaints against each other. Problems such as disagreements, lack of time for each other, and disregard for each other’s wishes can lead to marital discord. According to one study, 6 out of 10 married couples seek expert advice to protect their relationship.

A survey conducted by the Marital Dispute Resolving Agency to find out the cause of the rift in the marriage involved 243 people.

In the survey, 24 percent said personal problems or illness, 23 percent said dowry and 21 percent said incompatibility. There were also reasons for cruelty and betrayal. The number of divorces due to marital stress is also increasing.

They are so full of negativity towards each other that they can’t even follow each other. For that, husband and wife have to do something.

Husbands and wives need to have understanding and trust in each other. Every husband and wife wants their husband and wife to respect their feelings.

Be such a support that the person with whom he has imagined to spend his life can face or face every challenge. Step by step with each other so that all the burdens of life can be easily lifted and thrown away.

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