Baba Ramdev’s stay in Nepal got into contoversy

Baba Ramdev’s stay in Nepal this time has been divided. The launch of two televisions in Nepal Baba Ramdev Guru and his team were very divided when they arrived in Nepal.  There is a law that allows people from outside to abide by many rules and regulations. However, his stay in Nepal was divided when the Prime Minister joined the program which was against the law of Nepal. Ramdev Guru, who runs various businesses in India, has made yoga his life.

Baba Ramdev had come to inaugurate two televisions that were about to open in Nepal.  His stay in Nepal has become divisive. He was accompanied by Balakrishna, who was born in Nepal and lived in India. The two met at a Guru Yoga in India.  Baba Ramdev made yoga his tongue while Bal Krishna made Patanjali his tongue. These two men who managed to supply their products in large quantities not only in India but also in other parts of the world have grown up with plans to do business in Nepal.

In order to open any channel in Nepal, there is a legal requirement to register with the Department of Information and Communication.  The information and communication technology of any channel that operates is dealt with in accordance with the law.

Many people have protested against this illegal television.  Leaders of the party have protested against what to expect from these leaders w  GVB hen they are involved in activities against the rules and regulations of Nepal.  According to Gopal Budhathoki, chairman of the former council press organization, the action will be taken after the protests start.

CPN (Maoist) Chairman Prachanda, Prime Minister, UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Madhab Nepal, Home Minister Bal Krishna Khad and Krishna Sitaula also participated in the program.  While the Prime Minister had openly praised Patanjali, other leaders applauded and agreed to play an active role in boosting its trade. Prachanda also did not diminish his praise.  Baba Ramdeb has started investing in two televisions in Nepal as he will benefit from many sectors while expanding his business in Nepal.

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