Babu Bogti returned with  ”Sananni” song after 19 years

The remake version of the song ‘Sannani’, which became a hit 19 years ago, has been released in a new way.  Talking to Madan Rizal at MNM Nepal, Singer Babu Bogti, Nandita Kc, Pusp Bahadur Khadka, Princi-Prizma Khatiwada and others have talked about contemporary issues including music videos and their lives.  He said that the music video in the role of Pusp Khadka, who has created a distinct identity among the audience through the music video of the Nepali film industry, has turned out very well.

Babu Bogti and Nandita KC got popular with the song sung by Babu Bogti.  On Sunday, a program was organized in the capital and the song in Babu’s voice was released. The song has lyrics and music by Gyanikumari Bogati.  He said that the music video will give a new positive message about life, including couples in love. Babu Bogti, Pushpa Khadka, Prince-Prisma Khatiwada are in the role of the song in the video directed by Pramil Karki.

The video of the song features Nandita KC in a guest appearance.  Babu and Nandita are seen as a couple in ‘Sannani 2’.  Choreographed by Surendra Basel, the video is shot by Uttam Humagai.  The music video song has been prepared and produced by the team with a lot of effort, so the audience will like the music video.  He said that despite the lack of development of technology, he has prepared music videos based on the wishes of the audience with the songs that are in the hearts of the audience, now popular artists.

She has said that she is gaining popularity in the field of Nepali Kalakarita through Tiktok, along with the popular Kalakar Prisma-Principi, Darsak Sapot in the field of music video, her steps are moving day by day on the path of progress.  She said that after suffering and struggling in life, she has stepped into the blackness field, and she is very happy when the audience likes her talent.  After the two sisters started making Tiktok, she said that because the audience appreciated it, it motivated her and continued to work.

Amar-Amrit said that prisma-princy seemed like a good person from the beginning, and they had a good friendship in the three years they were together. The video that the four of them made together is now more popular, but the four of us said that we do not make decisions together.  After they got into a disagreement during Geet’s interview, she was not able to answer the question because the journalists came to ask her personal questions.

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