Bagamati corridor Lalitpur side latest update

In order to make Kathmandu Metropolitan City clean, beautiful and a model city, one work after another has been done continuously. On the Lalitpur side, the cleaning and improvement works in the area adjacent to the Bagmati Corridor have progressed continuously. While the development works are progressing from all four areas, the works of improving the Bagmati Corridor have progressed. The work on the section of Bagmati Corridor from Guheswari to Gokarna is progressing well.

While constructing the corridor, the work of greening by planting grass plants along the river is continuously progressing. Millions have been spent till now to make the Bagmati river clean and clean to improve the various structures in the vicinity. Now, various corridors are being constructed within the valley, which has brought a new point of development. The park exercise center near the river is going to be transformed into an area where people can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Currently, the metropolis is taking steps to strengthen the water by controlling the drainage in the river.

This video shows Bagmati river festival 2022. Mayor of Kathmandu metropolitan city (KMC) Mr. Balen Shah and Minister of Urban Development Mr. Metmani Chaudhary were present in the program. Different rituals in the presence of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Sikh guru were performed. Many people enjoyed rafting from kupondole to blkhu today in this program.

In recent times, the metropolis has been constantly working on the issues of cleaning the Bagmati river, improving the structure around it, drainage etc. As there are many religious activities including various festivals in the Bagmati river, it is found that various areas are paying attention to develop Kathmandu. Because people prefer to be near the river for peace and refreshment, most of the people are happy there.

As the pace of development in Nepal is increasing rapidly, changing the old bad structures in the place, to make a clean and green city, the metropolis has cooperated with various agencies to improve the Bagmati Corridor. At one time, garbage was dumped in the vicinity of Bagmati, even the drain pipes of old houses were thrown into Bagmati and made garbage. Recently, the metropolis has gradually improved the work and moved forward.

The Bagmati Corridor, which used to be difficult even for people walking nearby, is now being transformed into a beautiful, peaceful and pleasant place. Some time ago, the garbage dumps of Kathmandu have now been cleaned and repaired. After the construction of a corridor in the Dhobi River, after the cleaning of the surrounding areas, along with the construction of a pitch road, garbage has also been removed. This work has been started with the idea of ​​cleaning Dhobikhola Corridor and Rudramati River and making the adjacent roads clean and tidy, making it easy for the people in the neighborhood, and creating a suitable environment for the people who come to enjoy.

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