Bagmati corridor landscape and construction latest update.

As the pace of development in Nepal is increasing rapidly, changing the old bad structures in the place, to make a clean and green city, the metropolis has cooperated with various agencies to improve the Bagmati Corridor. At one time, garbage was thrown in the vicinity of Bagmati, even the drain pipes of old houses were thrown into Bagmati and made garbage. Recently, the metropolis has gradually improved the work and moved forward.

The Bagmati Corridor, which used to be difficult even for people walking nearby, is now being transformed into a beautiful, peaceful and pleasant place. Some time ago, the garbage dumps of Kathmandu have now been cleaned and repaired. After the construction of a corridor in the Bagmati river, after the cleaning of the surrounding areas, along with the construction of a pitch road, garbage has also been removed.

This work has been started with the idea of ​​cleaning the Bagmati Corridor and Rudramati River and making the adjacent roads clean and tidy, making it easy for the people in the vicinity, and creating a suitable environment for the people who come to enjoy.Various initiatives have been taken to remove the garbage in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, make clean and healthy houses in the polluted areas, and provide free air to the residents of Kathmandu.

In order to make Nepal, which is full of religious, touristic and natural forms, green from all sides, with the help of charitable organizations in the country and abroad, the work of shining the Kathmandu metropolis is going on continuously. Various initiatives are being taken now to improve the various corridors, parks, roads and other areas within Kathmandu, so that no human being has to suffer from bad climate.

In Bagmati, 12 kilometers on one side, a total of 24 kilometers, the corridor is about to be built, now the final phase is about to be completed. As of today, 23 kilometers of roads have been paved, while other works are about to start slowly. He said that he has advanced the road construction work by controlling the river and now there is 1 kilometer of road construction work left. As there is some problem in the remaining one kilometer, he said that he has proceeded to solve it.

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