Baidhya and Bijukchhe in the grand design of returning the king

If you look at the politics of Nepal, the whole region is dead. The people are disgusted when they see the ruling power of the country.  It is difficult to say that the leaders of the country are worried about how to get their hands on the chair. There have been many changes in the language of the people but in Nepali politics there has been no change except the change of the chair. The economy of the country has not changed.  No programs have been decided for the benefit of the people. No matter what the system is, after all, the same people will come in disguise, so there is no change in the lives of the Nepali people.

The lives of those who fought day and night to change the lives of the people have changed, but the lives of the people have remained the same.  Our country is ruled by a government that does not allow people to run freely. The common man has been hurt in any way. The people are deceived by themselves.

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) had waged a ten-year people’s war saying that the ruling party was wrong. At that time, the people were under real pain and suffering.  It was a real pain for the common man. After all, the people in the top of the country had a lot of fun.  The Maoists had an important role to play in bringing simplicity to the livelihood of the people.

The contribution of those great warriors who fought for the rights and interests of the people from the jungle is rarely appreciated.  They did not receive any salary or allowance for food. The contribution of the warriors who fought on an empty stomach was significant. Because of their struggle for the people, we are now able to speak openly in society. We can walk on the road with our heads held high.  You don’t have to live under pressure. You have been able to live independently. This country is free with the blood of the great martyr.
The people who went to the government after ten years of people’s war in Nepal have now expressed a kind of sadness in the people by saying that they have failed.  However, the leaders who fought against the monarchy should not be reluctant to come now. We do not hesitate to say that we welcome the coming of the monarchy.

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