Bal Krishna Neupane reveals secret about Gyanendra Shahi

Bal Krishna Neupane a senior advocate and public speaker reveals the name of Nepali politician who has bank account in Swiss bank.  Nepaune is popular for his pure nationalist who has won several law cases against government to do good for the nation. Today’s interviews of Neupane talks about the popular activist Gyanendra shahi. He reveals all the secret and reality about Gyanendra Shahi.

Advocate Neupane says that the current government manager should be for the benefit of
the people. The oath taken by the Oli government did not bring relief to the Corona victims nor
did it give a new look to any industry. So what is the meaning of swearing or not swearing?
Advocate Neupane described the Nepali Congress as a party carrying a mechanism of corruption.
He also said that the provisions brought by the Maoist movement should be repealed. He said
that what is the benefit of keeping the law if the people are not allowed to consume it

Opposition groups called for a halt to the protests, but said that maintaining some independence
was not the answer. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. It is up
to the people to analyze whether Oli became strong or other parties became weak. According to
advocate Neupane, neither the Oli government nor the country can do better. Neither party can
do what the country says. All the posts are just for eating.

The right to health has been ensured in the constitution. At present, the government has not done
anything about even the most basic health care. Even when Oli came to power or other parties
came to power, no industry was added in the country. Nor has employment opportunities been
created for one person. Therefore, politics has become just a business in the country. That too to
preserve power.

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