Balaram, who has been raising a family by driving, got cancer. Rolpa News

A young man from Rolpa Sunailasmriti village municipality-4 is now appealing for help. Young people who have been raising a family by driving, asking for help. He has been assisted by some Nepalis living in Malaysia. Those who have been helping those in need in Nepal, we are very thankful for them,

Balram Roka Magar was 30 years old. At first it was like a pillow. He didn’t really care because he was not in pain. He did not care for the pillow. After the pillow broke, it became like a hole, but the wound did not hurt him. So he went to Kathmandu for treatment and did not recover after taking herbal medicine there. He has been living at home after taking the medicine given by Hospital. His family member mother, wife and a young son. Full family is dependent on him financially. If treatment is not possible in Nepal, they he has plan to go to India. Doctors said that the treatment will cost Rs 500,000. Yuvraj Mahara who is in Malaysia said that “Don’t worry, brother, we will help,”. He has taken money from Nepalis living in Malaysia and sent it to Nepal.

The Nawajagaran Youth Club has taken the initiative for that. Now the youths have reached his house with the same amount. Balaram has urged everyone to save his life . The locals of Rolpa have thanked Yuvaraj Mahara very much. About 60 people from Rolpa and surrounding areas in Malaysia picked up and sent money to Balaram for treatment. If he need any other help he will contact in medai , he want to go to india for further treatment , many nepalese people want to help for his treatment and his better life with his family.

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