Balchandra Baral and father-in-law in the media after meeting for the first time

Balchandra Baral, who has been gaining attention in the field of Nepali art, has come to the media with his father-in-law. He has said that he was very happy to be with his son-in-law after coming to Nepal, even though he was there when his daughter got married and used to listen to his son-in-law’s songs. He said that father in law also had to compete abroad because he had won twice in many places before. His father-in-law, who came to Nepal after 20 years, has said that he left because he was not so good in the field of art in the past.

In Nepal, there are champions according to different categories in the Kalakarita field. Such champions are very important for the Kalakaritas, Balchandra has become known among many audiences even after taking part in various champions. Humans can also keep their hidden talent in the audience. Such champions are a good place to show your talent. Nepali artists have to struggle a lot to establish their identity. Many artists do not even know where to show their talent. Even though people are good at art, they cannot show their talent. Nepali society is run according to different customs and practices.

Although people’s cultures are different, they have the same voice. The area that connects all of them is the art within that person, which binds the entire society to one rope. No matter where a person is, it is a musical field that binds him to one rope, it identifies people. Man is the best creature, who describes the corners of the world from one place. A person gets a chance to be known in society by any means. If you can recognize the art in yourself and bring it out, it is also found that you create your history. People are hiding inside without getting a chance to show their inner art.

If he gets the idea to put art in a place where it is valued, he will make his life worthwhile. Most people are forced to suppress the things inside their hearts without getting the information. Baral, who has made his name known, is looking to make himself known among the audience by participating in the double championship. Baral, who has established his own identity, is improving his art to win the hearts of the audience. Baral Dohri, who has joined the Kalakarita area with the good support of his family, has been playing very fun. Baral has a great talent for entertaining the audience in the field of music.

Baral, who makes people laugh and cry by giving entertainment from the musical field, Baral’s duo, which has been in the news lately, is very powerful. Dori is the art of answering the opponent’s pleas by quickly adjusting the rhythm through song. Which is winning the hearts of people of that generation in society. Many singers build their future by playing double songs, now citizens abroad are listening to and watching double songs more. Since duality establishes a person’s identity, it reflects the duality culture and is understood by all.


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