Bale and suntali was ashamed to talk about his youth with his brother-in-law

Kunjana Ghimire (Santati) and Sagar Lamsal (Bale), who have also acted in the music video for the Nepali comedy TV series, have laughed at the fun moments of Jala Joban Gitko while making the music video. Two of them, Bale, who is his brother-in-law, said that he was too tired to call himself a lover in the shooting. “It’s more fun than Kunju Bhan,” she said. In a video from Bale Entertainment, Bale says that Dhumus and Santali are coming. He says that when he holds his hand, his hands work hard.

According to Kunjana Ghimire, the two have come to work together in the Yash video, as they are now an artist.The title song of the popular Nepali comedy and social activities Dhurmush santali is the song “jala joban” song by Nepali popular singers samiksha Adhikari and Rewati Ghimire is sure to be very popular .the misic uideosturs kunjana Ghimire, santali and sagara lamasal are very popular and talented nepali actors.sagar lamsal and kunajana gimire santali are very famous.

The song has been prepared with the performance of artist Kala Santhi and comedy TV series Sagar Lamsal, who is making strides in the field of Nepali song music. Carrying a social awareness message, Jala Joban in the song, when a boy and a girl in love can’t talk about marriage at home, because the boy is getting old, when he has to run away and get married, the girl is not running away, he is requesting to come home and talk about marriage. Instead of coming home and marrying the father, the boy says I can’t speak in front of your father, but instead of saying to the father again, the girl goes on her way, angry that the girl is not a father, but a boyfriend.

When a girl wants to change to another boy, there are others behind her, for boys. Many people are very sad nowadays because they can’t keep their love thing open at home. People are very sad when they can’t talk, because of which he doesn’t like any other work, only his love is in his mind, his eyes are burning. When people fall in love with each other, they start to see their world differently. Is coming, because of which they are not able to think of other things at that time. He feels that he has gone to his job while getting love, he has reached the situation, he is playing many tricks in his mind when he is not able to identify his love at home.

“I don’t know how many times my parents get married at home, I don’t know how many have returned. It’s not enough to just live a life of love,” she said. Instead, the girl kept saying that her love is the best for me. When a girl refuses to marry because her parents are disrespectful when she runs away, her boyfriend takes her to the girl’s house. Since the girl’s father knows about their love, he is talking about when to get the wedding site out. The boy agrees easily

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