Balen and Sunita’s lead in Kathmandu

Independent candidate for mayor Balen Shah has increased his lead in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

According to the latest details, Balen got 2820 votes out of a total of 4,444 votes. His nearest rival Keshav Sthapit of CPN-UML got 1507 votes and Sirjana Singh of Nepali Congress got 1449 votes.

Similarly, Sunita Dangol of CPN-UML has also increased her lead in the post of deputy mayor. He got 2 773 votes while Rameshwar Shrestha of the CPN-U got 516 votes on behalf of the ruling coalition. Similarly, Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s Sunita Majgaiya got 413 votes.

Crowds of Balen Shah’s supporters have gathered at the polling station. While Balen Shah’s followers are confident in his win, the UML and Congress parties believe this is unlikely given the large number of ballots still to be tabulated.

Both may be correct, given the very slow rate of vote counting. According to sources, at least 150,000 ballots were cast in Kathmandu, but only around 7,000 have been tallied thus far.

This is the same pace followed by all local units around the nation. The majority of the units started counting on Saturday morning, but just about 20 local governments had finished.

Although Nepal has 753 local governments, the election process in a number of them has been suspended owing to intermittent violence on election day and the murders of candidates before to that.

The ruling alliance is dominating the count for mayoral posts in five of the six metropolitan cities, with the exception of Kathmandu, where independent Balen Shah is ahead.


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