Balen and Sunita’s powerful entry in Indrajatra, like Prince and Princess

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah and Sunita Dungol were present in the Indrajatra like the prince and princess.  In the Indrajatra where the President and the Prime Minister were also present, the volume of Walen Shah was discussed everywhere.  The people present were chanting the name of Balen Sah, Balen Sah has proved that in the recent times, when a person has done good work, he gets a lot of support from the people.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari observed the Indra Jatra, she reached the Hanuman Door Gaddi meeting in Kathmandu on Friday and observed the Indra Jatra.  Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, Permanent Chief Justice Deepak Kumar Karki, Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota, National Assembly Speaker Ganesh Prasad Timilsina, Home Minister Balkrishna Khan, Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma and others were present on the occasion.

Before observing the Indra Jatra, President Bhandari offered prayers to Indra, the god of rain and time.  On the main day of Indrajatra, a special festival of the valley, a chariot procession of Kumari, Ganesha and Bhairava is also performed from Kumari Ghar to the lower village of Kathmandu after worshiping Indra, who is considered as the god of rain and time.  It has been a tradition for the President to observe the Jatra as the head of state on this day.

Gana, Pulukisi, Savahbhakku, Mahakali, Lakhe, Jhyalincha etc. of various deities have also circumambulated the city along with the chariots of those deities.  The traditional Indrajatra is celebrated in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel, Dolakha, etc.  On the day of Bhadra Shukla Dwadashi, when a lingo with Indra flag is placed in front of Hanumandho, this festival is celebrated for eight days with various types of dances, chariot processions and worship of gods and goddesses.

Bhairav ​​is worshiped at the foot of the lingo.  After defeating the enemy, Indrajatra is celebrated as a festival to celebrate victory.  Indrajatra is also considered as a festival to perform by worshiping Indradhvaj and gaining power.  Indra Jatra, which has been celebrated every year, was celebrated with grandeur this year as well, in which a large number of people from ordinary people to high-ranking people were present.  Security personnel from various organizations including security personnel from various sectors were present for the completion of the Jatra.

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