Balen announced to make Bhaktapur like a palace area

Independent candidate Balendra Sah has been elected as the chief of Kathmandu Metropolitan City with 61,767 votes. He defeated Nepali Congress candidate Sirjana Singh and CPN (UML) candidate Keshav Sthapit from the ruling coalition. A major rapper, Sah holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the White House Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in structural engineering from the Karnataka Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India.

The constitution defines the local level as the government. Rights including secondary education, basic health, drinking water, language, protection and development of culture fall under the jurisdiction of the local level. There are plenty of examples that if the people’s representatives have the will, the local level can make a big leap in a short time. Edited excerpt of the conversation between Ashok Ghimire and Sharmila Pathak, correspondents of the National News Committee, about the overall development of the Kathmandu metropolis with the 32-year-old Sahas elected as chief:

Elected as the Chief of Kathmandu, what are your plans and priorities? Education and health are my first priority. Quality education will be provided by upgrading 92 community schools in the metropolitan area. We will start the school upgrade with small things. Infrastructure will be developed in the school. We will upgrade the school in a way that parents can feel before enrolling students.

Infrastructure, sanitation and clean environment will be fixed. Necessary playground will be provided for the students. We will arrange for the necessary training for teachers by bringing in experts from abroad on the use of technology and interaction with children for effective teaching and learning.

This will deepen the relationship between master and disciple. We will create an environment where children can go from home to school. We revise the curriculum for grades 1 to 8. We create courses that make it easy for children to understand the history, culture, heritage, Ayurveda and yoga meditation of the Kathmandu Valley.

Due to this, the children will be able to give complete information about art, culture and history when they meet the tourists from home and abroad tomorrow. Take Bhaktapur as an example. The children of Bhaktapur Municipality know about the history, art, culture, bazaar and food. Everyone should know about the art, culture and history here.

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