Balen is working in the office at midnight

Sunil KC, a young social worker, has shared his thoughts on contemporary issues of Kathmandu. Balen Sah has so far had a lot of people on his side, he said, adding that Sunita Dhungol and Balen Sah will continue to prevent the current government from failing. Balen Sah, who is trusted and relied upon by the people all over the country, while working, after the questions raised by the old leaders started to raise a lot of questions, in order to find the broken trust of the people towards the leader, he did it day and night within 5 years. Preparing plans at work. Every day, from the Parliament to the House, various people are meeting and responding.

Balen Sah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, who is no longer the mayor of the country and abroad, has become known as a brand. Now not only the citizens of Kathmandu, but also the citizens of the country are watching his activities. According to the commitment, Mayor Balen, who broadcast the first executive meeting live, decided to use the toilets of restaurant hotels in Kathmandu as public toilets. Toilets are being used as public toilets. Although the previous mayor’s commitment was not fulfilled, Balen had to listen to his voice, to provide services to the people with a new vision these days, he has been working continuously for the people, day and night.

According to Sunil Casey, a social worker, the new MPs have been angry with the former MP for leaving the closed number to call if there is any problem to address the demands of the people. After the victory of independent candidate Balen Sah for the post of mayor of Kathmandu, Rabbi Lamichhane, a well-known communicator who has been seeking special solutions to the problems and grievances of the people, congratulates them. Rabbi Lamichhane has congratulated Balen Sah on his Facebook page saying that the hunger of both the people is not dead, now the message is coming to an end and the message is coming.

After the election in Kathmandu, at the first meeting of the executive committee, ward president of ward no. Rijal, who is currently paying a heartfelt tribute on social media, has said that those who abuse him should still abuse him. Rijal has requested Mayor Sap to conduct a meeting after studying the rules and regulations of the executive branch. He said he had raised his voice as the meeting had to be chaired by the executive.

After the arrival of the new team in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mayor Balen Sah and Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol, who have been trusted and relied on by all, have reached the doorsteps of the people and are looking for a solution to their problems. The people of Sisdol are angry that the leaders and activists have taken budgets under various headings, but the locals need a clean environment to make a living from the stench. , Have given their expressions. The mayor and deputy mayor, who reached Sisdol in the morning, said he would continue to take steps to improve the lives of the people.

After being elected, the young people’s representatives, who are constantly working for the development of the country and the people, are constantly looking for ways to solve the problems of the people. Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen Sahar Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol, who has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, is a person of hope and trust. He has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, who have done a history of disintegration in the executive branch by doing things that have not been done so far. Have been shown. He has expressed his commitment that he will not be happy without managing the garbage, eating late and wearing garlands.

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