Balen replied that he is coming to see father’s wedding

While Mahapurus is going to the movie theater, the promotion team has made various preparations.  In the movie, the issue of married children getting married for the support of old people who are living alone in their old age is shown in the movie.

The enthusiasm of the artists was added when Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah also gave a message that he would come to the hall to see Baba’s wedding.  He said that the film has become a social consciousness along with comedy, so the audience will come to the hall to watch it.
Balen Sah, who became the independent mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, came to the house of famous comedian Haribans Acharya to create a distinct identity among the audience from the Nepali arts sector.  Mayor Balen Shah, who believes that social change should be made in the metropolitan city, has reached the house of a famous artist and blessed him, playing Deusi with new enthusiasm.
Madan Krishna Shrestha and Harbansa Acharya, who is known as Mahjodi, are preparing for the release of the movie “Mahapurus”.  Entering the field of artistry through the medium of Nepali comedy, the couple has become the audience’s favorite by showing their talent in various fields from music videos, songs, music, movies, and plays, and now they have launched a new movie in the market.
Comedian Haribans Acharya, who has made people laugh and cry in the heart of the Nepali film industry, has an interview with the unseen actors Arun Chhetri and Anjana Barailly on movies and current affairs.  As Engineer Balen Shah fully knows what structure should be built and how it affects life, he has proceeded with the work accordingly.  Since the steps taken by Shah are good, he has suggested continuing the long-term construction work.

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