Balen Sah went to Nita and Harihar wedding

According to Nepali Hindu rites, the wedding party of Nita and Harihar was held at the hotel on the second day as well. Mayor Balen Sah, who is in the news, was also present. When Balen Sah went to the hotel where he got married, he lost his way two or three times to reach his place. Among all the celebrities, Harihar and Nita were having fun.

Nita Dhungana, who is enjoying in the field of Nepali art, and astrologer Harihar Neupane are getting married forever. Nita Dhungana, who has been in a relationship with Harihar Adhikari for a long time, is preparing for the marriage. Nita said that when she left her home and moved to a new house, she had a different kind of enthusiasm in her mind.

First we were friends, then we became lovers, then we got married, now we are planning to have a honeymoon and a baby. Nita and Harihar’s wedding took place in a hotel, she was laughing and crying. While taking Nita in a buggy, Harihar Adhikari was overjoyed. The people who came to the wedding had a lot of fun and entertainment. Nita, who has been in the minds of the viewers for her talent in the field of art, has been in love for a long time. After getting permission from both the houses to get married, they will get married soon. Nita Dhungana has given a bachelor party. Nita has said that she will get married on July 8 at Hotel Yak and so on.

According to the card, the wedding will start at 10 am, and Nita is having a bachelor party with her friends. A video of Nita and Harihar buying jewelery has also been made public on social media. Percy, who is married, will host a reception party. It has been said that many film workers will be invited to the reception party to be held at Hotel Yak and Yati on July 10. The couple, who are thus tied the knot, are said to be shooting for their upcoming film Harso Dirgha a month later.

Although the two had completed all the preparations to get married the previous year, after the death of Harihar’s father at the same time, the same event was postponed for a year. This year, after Harihar’s father’s birthday, they decided to get married. Actress Nita Dhungana, who has been in love for the past three years, and actor Harihar Adhikari, popularly known as Jyotishi, met at a function in Birgunj in 2076 BS. Along with marriage, they are also busy preparing for their first film Harsh Dirgho and they have also done Subh Sait. The film is said to have been shot at the Suryabinayak Temple in Bhaktapur.

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