Balen Sah’s budget of Rs 25 billion: Praised by the Minister

In the first fiscal year of Balen Sah as the mayor, Sah has brought a budget of Rs. Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Rajendra Prasad Shrestha has praised the budget brought to Kathmandu Metropolitan City. He said that they have to constantly struggle for the development and change of the country. He said that they should play an important role in building the country’s development while respecting the policy rules.

Mayor Balen Sah has been fulfilling the commitments made with the people day by day as per his vision and agenda. While the reconstruction work of Sundhara, an area of ​​religious and historical importance of the country, is underway, three of the five streams are covered with gold and two streams are made of stone, 80% of which have been reconstructed. Although water used to come naturally from Sundhara, now that the water has stopped flowing, plans have been made to extract water from it by boring it.

Balen Sah, who is now in the spotlight in the country and abroad, has been working one after the other according to his previous agenda. He said that the first step would be to make Kathmandu clean. As the infrastructure ambulance is brought to the road and the work is in full swing, the locals are overjoyed. By removing the garbage in Kathmandu, filling the potholes in the road and now the road maintenance work has been started. The locals are very happy to see this work.

The people sitting in the people’s representative judicial committee have said that they have seen their dreams when they have suffered, when they have lost hope in many places, the victims have seen their dreams in your eyes. Balen and Sunita have said that they will always be the charioteers of the people’s suffering. Kathmandu Mayor Balen Sah, who has not become a member of any political party and has become a subject of interest for everyone, is now becoming a subject of interest outside Nepal as well. India and China have also discussed the possibility of independent candidates being sidelined by a large margin of votes. Balen Sah, who has become the subject of everyone’s interest, has not lost his curiosity about Balen’s visit to the army headquarters after becoming the mayor.

After the victory of Balen Sah, who became an independent candidate for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, less than 24 hours later, he has started working in the field to fulfill his commitment. Sah, who wants to make the metropolis clean, beautiful and a happy companion of the people of Kathmandu, is doing his job accordingly. He said that there are so many problems here and they should be on the way to solve them. They are openly praised.

“Our country is a country with great potential in all fields including agro-tourism. If we can make good use of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad,” he said. According to Balen, it is essential for the youth to take the lead in order to change the Nepali society. She said that the youth should show their power in the social change. In a time when the old society and culture are changing, people are robbing others of their happiness for their own happiness, even if the society calls me crazy, my rhythm is my own, I am happy in my world, many people forget the social culture and walk in their world. He called for a change in the status quo.

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