Balen Shah Biography: Engineer, Rapper Mayor Candidate ahead of Keshav Staphit & Sirjana Singh, KTM

Mr. Balen Shah, an independent candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has been gaining popularity in recent months. He is a guy of many talents, as well as a deed. We know him for his engineering job, but many others know him for his singing career.

He is a well-known ‘Hip-hop’ and freestyle performer. He won people’s hearts by performing a decent job and providing for their needs. As a result, everyone applauds his amazing achievements. He rose to prominence in the rap industry because to his battle rap freestyle, Raw-Barz.

He also took home the title of Raw’s second season winner, Barz (A Nepali Rap Battle League). He became well-known/notable after defeating Litl Grizl in a freestyle duel with 13 rebuttals and multi-syllabic rhymes.

Balendra Shah is the real name of Balen Shah. Balen is a rapper, composer, lyricist, video director, scriptwriter, social activist, civil engineer, and structural engineer, according to the source.

An artist who began his career as a child. He used to create lyrics and record songs, then distribute them on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He uses social media platforms to reach out to thousands of people with his music and words.

In the Nepali Rap Musical Industry, he is a successful Rapper. He is a vibrant young man who aspires to lead the country with his intellectual ability and plans. His popular Rap songs Gaita Badhyo, Marpha ko Madhira, Temi Phool, Oa Buda, Man Yo Udyog, Local Thito, Hande Hande, and others drew a popularity in the Nepali Rap musical industry. He has began to record Rap Songs after winning the Raw Barz.

Balen received 2820 votes out of a total of 4,444 votes, according to the latest information. Keshav Sthapit of the CPN-UML received 1507 votes, while Sirjana Singh of the Nepali Congress received 1449 votes.

Sunita Dangol of the CPN-UML has also expanded her advantage in the deputy mayorship. On behalf of the ruling alliance, Rameshwar Shrestha of the CPN-U received 516 votes. Sunita Majgaiya of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party received 413 votes.

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