Balen Shah urges supporters not to insult others while counting votes

In recent months, Mr. Balen Shah, an independent candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has gained popularity. As vote counting continues throughout Nepal. Heavy rain fell heavily in Kathmandu as a result of the climate change, but the supporters stood with him even in the rain.

Who will be the future mayor of Kathmandu? Everyone is asking themselves this question. Will it be independent Balen Shah, UML’s Keshav Sthapit, or Nepali Congress’ Sirjana Singh that wins? With the vote count moving at a snail’s pace, finding out who will be Kathmandu’s mayor is expected to take more than a week.
In Kathmandu, there are 32 wards, and authorities have only tallied ballots in Wards 1 and 2. Similarly, the counting of votes in Wards 3, 4, 5, 31, and 32 has commenced. Balen Shah holds a comfortable lead in these wards, according to the vote count. He leads by 3,324 votes as of Monday afternoon. However, this is only the beginning, since about 90% of Kathmandu’s votes have still to be tabulated.
A total of 191,186 people voted in Kathmandu. After the ballots from the major city’s 43,067 votes in 12 wards are tabulated, both the UML and the Nepali Congress-led coalitions believe that the tables will turn. Who these people vote for will determine the victor and loser of the current mayoral election.

Balen Shah has stated in several interviews that he will receive a large number of votes from Kathmandu’s outskirts. He did, however, hope that residents in the central city would vote for him.

While Shah believes that residents in the central city would vote for him, his main goal has always been to win as many votes from the suburbs as possible.

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