Balen should not be afraid of anyone:Prasai

He has said that the Durga Prasai government which comes into the limelight from time to time, is a Deuba government and the second government is Durga Prasai for the poor and afflicted. Although it is the government of Nepal, he has said that Durga Prasai is a government for the poor and afflicted.  He said that no one can stop Balen Sah, who has been working for the country and the people by demolishing the structures built against the rules and closing the illegal trade after fighting the elections for independence.  He has said that he will always appreciate good work as he is a member of the UML party and not someone’s bag.

He said that in the future, all the areas that have not passed the map, including the Supreme Court, Singh Darbar, etc., will have to run la dozer.  He has said that he will walk with his legs crossed to ask the Sir’s leader for a ticket, and he will never support bad queues.  He has said that sometimes when he reaches the home of a poor poor person, he will serve a cup of tea and that he believes in karma.  He has said that the leader who is eager to earn remittances by sending Nepali citizens abroad, is not willing to send Nepali citizens abroad, Nepali citizens are silent when they are in foreign jails.  He said that after Durga Prasain met the royal family of both, he took a special initiative to send the dead bodies and the people who were in jail to Nepal.  He said that since negative work is more than positive work in Nepal because the situation of Nepal is going to be like Sri Lanka, some business leaders are going to leave the country.

While Prasain said that federalism has no meaning in Nepal and should be rejected, he said that Hindu Rashtra should be maintained.  He has said that they have made the country lose by sending the country’s manpower outside.  Prasai said that the government allocates money for health and eats together from the bottom to the top. If he is given 3 billion rupees, he said that he is in charge of treating the people of Mechi. Even if the teaching hospital is given 8 billion rupees, the service will be stopped, and the private hospital will be stopped.  He said that if the money is not paid, he will stop the service on June 20.  He said that if 50 billion rupees were allocated to us instead of allocating 1 trillion budget, we would bring patients from home and deliver them to their homes.

He landed at Jhapa Airport, Chandragiri Airport on a chartered flight of Shri Airlines, where he was received in a special way by Durga Prasai, who came to welcome him, Maktum gave a golden rod as a gift.  When the local level elections were approaching, leaders and activists were going to villages to meet with the people and during the party program, Durga Prasai addressed a program and called famous television program presenter Rabi Lamichhane by name.  Some time ago, after the report of Durga Prasai was played in the program, Durga Prasai, who came into controversy, is a businessman who is affiliated with the CPN-UML party and has close ties with Sir’s leaders.

Prasain has said that he has been doing business by paying more taxes than all businessmen have to pay to the government of Nepal.  Prasain said in a public event that people who are involved in business, police, and administration in this country have been handing over money to journalists and why would he take orders from people who do not even know the rules and regulations of journalists who have to hand over money in cash.  were  Prasain said that when a person comes to my house, he should ask a journalist for food, and people should ask a journalist to get a job, to open an industrial factory.  Prasain has said that he did not do the work of closing the factories opened in the country and sending the youth abroad like the Congress.

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