Balen took up the street business of Kathmandu in one day

In order to organize the Kathmandu metropolis, they organized a large-scale team in one day to remove the street businesses within the metropolis. After removing the street businesses near the road, the businessmen came in anger. The metropolis had mobilized a large number of city police to remove the street businesses around Kathmandu.

Even after banning business on the footpath, they took away everyone’s carts and bicycles when they saw businesses on the road. All the bicycles and handcart baskets kept at the side of the road were taken away by the city police at the same time. The metropolis has given permission to put up the business hoarding board by making three criteria, but after finding that the hoarding board was placed differently, the team of the metropolis has approached the business to remove the hoarding board. When registering a business in the metropolis, they will give wrong information when they go through all the procedures, and when they go to the place where the business is done, they will be found to be different, he said, they will be subject to the rules accordingly.

The locals have said that even though they have made things easy for themselves, it is now difficult for those who sell goods on bicycle carts. There are 900 sanitation workers and a large amount of machines and equipment to make the Kathmandu Metropolitan City clean and beautiful. There are 9 Brumir machines for cleaning road dirt. At present, dust is being cleaned on the streets of Kathmandu by sprinkling water and pesticides without affecting people’s lives. In the situation where the epidemic is spreading, a large amount of effort is being made to control such activities.

The team led by Balen Shah is taking one step after another to make the metropolis beautiful. Balen Sah, who has been continuously fighting for the development of the country, is engaged in cleaning and decorating various areas in Kathmandu. Balen Sah, who is constantly engaged in managing the garbage inside Kathmandu, has been working one model after another. It is our commitment to improve the lives of citizens by implementing the rights granted by law for the development, improvement and prosperity of the city.

Balen has continuously taken one step after another to fulfill Balen’s dream of building a beautiful holy metropolis by demolishing illegal and disorderly structures in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Mayor Balen Shah has been doing the things that the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and MPs have not been able to do till today. After it was seen that Shah was being harassed by various people while working, powerful people came to the streets in support of him and started raising their voice and supporting him. In the notice given by the court, after running a dozer on the structures built in violation of the laws of the metropolitan city, which is constantly at speed, he has expressed his happiness that visionary, active, courageous, humorous and honest leaders like Balen Shah are needed in all seven provinces.

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