Balendra Bahubali Shah – The New Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City

14 Mayoral elections in Kathmandu Metropolitan City have begun to be counted since 2 . Although officials planned to start counting votes as early as late Friday night, this could only happen after rounds of discussions with mayoral candidates’ representatives. An all-party meeting was conducted earlier today, after which the count began. The procedure will begin with the counting of ballots in Wards 1 and 32 of the city.

. The procedure will begin with the counting of ballots in Wards 1 and 32 of the city. All eyes are on the KMC results because this election will not only be seen as a prestige battle between candidates from political heavyweights Nepali Congress and CPN-UML for the top executive post in the capital city, but it will also draw a lot of attention due to the immense popularity of independent candidate Balen Shah.

As of Wednesday morning, the independent candidate had 40,775 votes, while his closest competitor, UML’s Keshav Sthapit, had 19,253 votes.

Balendra Shah, an independent candidate for mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has maintained his lead.

Shah has expanded his lead over nearest competitor Keshav Sthapit of the CPN-UML by 7,522 votes as of 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. He received 40,775 votes, while Sthapit received 19,253 votes.

Sirjana Singh of the Nepali Congress is in third place with 19,348 votes.

With well over 300,000 eligible voters, Kathmandu is the largest metropolitan metropolis. According to the electoral commission, voter turnout in Kathmandu Metropolitan City was roughly 64%, or about 192,000 votes.

Sunita Dangol of the United Muslim League (UML) is leading the deputy mayoral election with 12,157 votes. With 3,614 votes, Rameshwor Shreshtha of the CPN (Unified Socialist) is in last place.

Following the conversation with the candidates and their representatives, the goal is to begin counting ballots as quickly as feasible. On Saturday, ballots in locations where there is no consensus will be counted. Additional staffing preparations have been made to speed up the counting of ballots. He stated that the results will be made public as soon as feasible. The results will be published more quickly than in the previous election.

The counting of ballots in Kathmandu Metropolitan City will take done at the National Assembly House, as it has been in the past. There are CCTV cameras installed.

Security officers have been temporarily deployed, he claims, even when no permanent security apparatus exists. Since yesterday, there has been patrolling.

Security officers have been temporarily deployed even though there is no permanent security apparatus, according to him.

In the Kathmandu district, there are 320 voting booths. Despite the fact that Kathmandu has no sensitive voting stations, the Chief District Officer stated that 115 polling stations are sensitive, while the rest are regular.

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