Balen’s team reached the door of thousands of businesses who pay a tax of 500 and have a board of 50,000

The metropolis has been permitted to put up the business hoarding board by making three criteria, but after finding that the hoarding board was placed differently, the team of the metropolis approached the business to remove the hoarding board. Even after paying taxes to 500 metropolises and keeping a hoarding board of 50000000, many businessmen had to face the business when they did not pay even the tax to the metropolis, the metropolitan police said.

When registering a business in the metropolis, they will give wrong information when they go through all the procedures, and when they go to the place where the business is done, they will be found to be different, he said, they will be subject to the rules accordingly. There are 900 sanitation workers and a large number of machines and equipment to make the Kathmandu Metropolitan City clean and beautiful. There are 9 Brummer machines for cleaning road dirt. At present, dust is being cleaned on the streets of Kathmandu by sprinkling water and pesticides without affecting people’s lives. In the situation where the epidemic is spreading, a large amount of effort is being made to control such activities.

The team led by Balen Shah is taking one step after another to make the metropolis beautiful. Balen Sah, who has been continuously fighting for the development of the country, is engaged in cleaning and decorating various areas in Kathmandu. Balen Sah, who is constantly engaged in managing the garbage inside Kathmandu, has been working on one model after another. They have said that they are happy that they are working to protect the people by spraying three times water on the road to protect the people. It is our commitment to improving the lives of citizens by implementing the rights granted by law for the development, improvement, and prosperity of the city. It is permanent. In the same way, we are conducting programs for the implementation of issues such as bringing urban cleanliness to complete cleanliness and maintaining urban beauty. In order to effectively implement this policy, the metropolis is conducting roadside management programs.

Balen has continuously taken one step after another to fulfill Balen’s dream of building a beautiful holy metropolis by demolishing illegal and disorderly structures in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Mayor Balen Shah has been doing the things that the President, Prime Minister, Ministers, and MPs have not been able to do till today. After it was seen that Shah was being harassed by various people while working, able-bodied people came to the streets in support of him and started raising their voices and supporting him.

After winning as an independent person, he said that since he worked according to the vision agenda, everyone should take advantage of his steps. As there is no parking space on the side of the road now, it will be very difficult for the drivers and it will also be difficult for the pedestrians.In order to reduce the problems faced by the residents of Kathmandu, the work of clearing space for parking has been started. In recent times, Balen Sah has started one work after another, some of the work has brought him into controversy, but it has benefited the people as well.

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