Balen’s team removed the roadside decorations

The team of Balen Sah, who has been struggling to make the Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, has started removing the decorations on the roadside even during Tihar.  The team under the command of Metropolitan DSP Raju Pandey has said that it will take 24 hours to clear the road by removing the decorations that encroach on the road and cause inconvenience to pedestrians and drivers.

At the time Tihar, people come for shopping, it is crowded.  DSP has said that in the name of Tihar, the road should be decorated to cover it, and the same should not be allowed to be sold on the road. Passengers have said that it is very easy to walk on the road even though they had to be careful before walking on the road.
In the process of widening the road, Balen Sah’s team built tents on the side of the road and demolished the tents of the people who were sleeping.  Even though the people who were sleeping on the side of the road and their small children were removed crying, the people living there said that they will stay there again.
Metropolitan Police said that even after they did not leave after they were informed to leave, the Metropolitan Police went and set fire to the same place.  The steps taken to make Balen Shah’s metropolis beautiful, holy, and orderly are now getting a lot of discussion from the country and abroad.  Balen Sah has run a dozer in Tinkune Park after the space allocated for the park was unorganized, the grass did not grow there and it was not like the Batabaran Park.
He said that the city of Balen has taken a new step to stop the activities taking place in the park by taking vehicles to the park.  Balen has continuously taken one step after another to fulfill Balen’s dream of building a beautiful holy metropolis by demolishing illegal and disorderly structures in Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

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