Bamjan, who lost both his hands, is a celebrity in the Nepali music industry, thus remembering his childhood

Tika Bomjan, who was born in Sarlahi 2, Rajghat on November 3, 2035 BS, has been interested in singing since childhood. He had been thinking of settling in the field of music since childhood. Not only this, he was also interested in serving the country and the people. Due to this interest, he joined the army in 2056 BS. He also promoted music unofficially in 1956 BS. Gradually his dreams were coming true. But ironically, his happiness did not last for many years. On 13 November 2059, something unexpected happened in his life.

He lost both his hands due to electric shock while on duty at the repeater tower in Nagarkot. When he regained consciousness seven days after the accident, he found himself in the camp hospital ward. He lost control of his left arm. After nine days, his right hand had to be amputated. When he lost his chariot driver, he saw that his life was dark. This suddenness and despair did not mean that he did not decide to stay away from life. But it was to reach today’s successful day that he started moving towards living life instead of moving away from it. He spent 10 months in a hospital bed. At the same time, he began to focus on music. Thinking of being different from others, he started writing songs with a pen in his mouth.

He took music education from Ganderva Shastri Vidyalaya. Due to his constant hard work and dedication, he released an album called Kasto Bhagya for the first time. Continuing to advance in the field of music, he has so far provided more than 300 hundred songs in the Nepali market. Famous singers including Anju Pant, Pramod Kharel, Shiva Pariyar have worked to add music to the songs sung.

This is the story of his life. Now we will also talk about his childhood. He was interested in song and music since childhood. According to him, he used to watch many Hindi movies all the time. He remembered all the songs of the movie. He says he didn’t remember the scenes of the movie, but he remembered every word of the song. This is how he spent his childhood. He started his studies by writing words in Khari. After SLC, he could not continue his studies due to various reasons.

Even though the family was small, there was enough food in his family. He says that even though he lives in the Terai region, he has to come for a special festival to eat rice at that time. He has the experience of spending more time playing with his friends than working and studying. That is why he remembers his childhood as a golden time.

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