Band champion Nepal-Episode-1

In Nepal, there have been various champions to bring out the potential of Nepali people by developing their positive, emotional, physical, mental, and physical abilities, and to bring out their potential. In order to develop a new successful talent, there have to be many champions in Nepal. While refining the cheeks, blacks and talents of Nepalis, while cultivating new talents, where I am not a person, we try to move forward with the group, to work in groups. Nepal Band has become a champion in terms of making our work quantitative, collaborating with guitar drums and keys, and promoting rock band and folk humming. There is a lot to learn from people who have worked in this field for a long time.

A small band from South Asia, Mt. Nepal Band Champion has been established to search for modern instruments, the number one instrument in the country. One of the thousands of bands to find a successful and good band. Professional bands in Nepal, and now. There are a lot of people who are entertaining the audience and developing their skills.

The band champion has been established to showcase the talents of the people involved in song music, gala, kala along with their talents. Famous Nepali artists have been playing the role of judges in it. They have been playing drums for over 50 years. Growing up, Deb Rana is the judge. He initially played the guitar and continued his journey in song music, but later, seeing a bright future in drums, he joined the Bengali band of India, Sun Prajm Band, a year after it was formed. During his lifetime, he has shown his talent in the field of drums.

Jyoti Ghimire, who was the second judge, started his career from football, but later he started enjoying music. In A division football, Annapurna, who played for RCT, moved away from Jyoti Fut, and moved closer to the guitar field. Jyoti is considered to be very good at playing the guitar. He has given his life to the guitar, giving birth to many new artists in his life.

The third judge, Robin Tamang, a member of a military family, has taken a different path and moved his life forward. During his student days, he was influenced by Gibe Hands Git and embarked on his journey in the field of Git music. Although the band was bursting at the seams, he said that his interest in music had never diminished. Tamang, who has also acted in films, says that he has spent a long period of his life in the field of art.

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