Barsh raut openly speaks about her breakup with Koirala

Barsha Raut, the actress of the movie “Ke Ghar Ke Dera”, which is going to be screened on 4th Kartik, has openly talked about the movie and her life.  Barsha, who is very popular in the music video film industry, has recently been busy promoting her upcoming film.

she said that even when people live in camps and have their own houses, various kinds of problems keep coming into their lives.  Barsha has said that everything is fine now, even though her relationship with Sanjok has deteriorated, as she has a lot of childishness in her.  Varsha Raut has said that before marriage and after marriage, there is a difference in someone’s life.
The famous hero Bipin Karki has informed that he is in pain because he does not have a beautiful house to escape from the sun and because of the lack of work in the upcoming Hindi movie.  He said that although people feel safe when they have their own house to live in, sometimes when they live in someone else’s house, they feel a kind of pain in their hearts.  Dipendra K.
The trailer of the film ‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’ directed by Khanal, the production unit released the trailer during a program in the capital on Friday.  Most people’s life starts from a camp, and some people, while struggling in life, start their life from zero.  Some people get good love and inspiration from having a good housewife, while some people suffer a lot of stress from the housewife.
There was a large presence of the film sector units and color journalists and other people in the program.  Actors Dayahang Rai, Bipin Karki, Suraksha Pant, and Barsha Raut were seen in the public trailer.  The trailer contains the story of Dayahang and Suraksha hiding in Bipin’s house because of his desire to buy his own house. The trailer, which is made in an attractive style, is successful in raising the curiosity of the audience towards the film.

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