Barsha and Bipin sneak out to get the gift

In today’s The Prakash Subedhi Show program, there is a special discussion with Bipin Karki and Barsha Raut, the lead actors of the movie “Ke Ghar Ke Dera”.  Both of them cheated on the gifts given by the program.  Bipin and Varsha, who have worked together in four films, have said that they are very happy and happy with the work they are doing.

 Barsha Raut, the actress in the movie “Ke Ghar Ke Dera” which is going to be screened on October 4, spoke openly about the movie and her life.  she is  Barsha, who is very popular in the music video film industry, has recently been busy promoting her upcoming film.  He said that even when people live in camps and have their own houses, various kinds of problems keep coming into their lives.
Barsha has said that everything is fine now, even though her relationship with Sanjok has deteriorated, as she has a lot of childishness in her.  On the occasion of the new year, by coming in a new way, the three programs conducted by Prakash Subedhi, Rajatpat, Glamour talks, and Bagina will be closed until the 22nd.
In order to make the relationship between people balanced, a situation has arisen where flattery has to be done, people are also found to have big differences in the music field.  Humanity is also disappearing, the way one looks at others has become different because their opinions are different, one is causing problems to the other, and even though people’s thoughts and actions are different, one is insulting the other. Every Saturday from Ap 1 television.  If every episode is broadcasted after 8 pm, you can watch it on Rajatpat online tv at your desired time.

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