Barsha Siwakoti, Rumor response: Barsha Siwakoti choose silence on marriage

In the month of Baisakh, Barsha Sivakoti, who got married to her lover Asis Gelal, who is living in America, has been discussed a lot after she removed her photos with her husband from her social network. On the 30th of Kartik, the status of saying that he was silent and boasted, some spoke and debated has become even more popular. Barsha stayed in Nepal, but her husband flew abroad after a month.

After her marriage, she stayed in Nepal for the promotion of her movie. Born in Biratnagar, Varsha got a lot of publicity from the first two movies, and her life was boosted. Although Varsha Sivakoti’s father wanted her to become a banker, she was attached to the art field. Barsha Sivakoti, who moved to the film industry from Nai Na Bann La 2, is an actress who has made a distinct identity in the Nepali acting industry. She came to Nepal from America to save her marriage, she said that the reason she saved her marriage was because of her family.

By showing her art from Nepali music videos to the movie industry, she has made an introduction in the Nepali art industry. Varsha Sivakoti said that Nepali viewers are not able to give the contacts they want, and this area is lagging behind. Showing her good talent in every project, Varsha Sivakoti gets drawn into controversy. From the Nepali music video, Kalakarita has stepped into the film industry and has made her identity in the Nepali film industry. Barsa said that even though she did not plan to enter the field of acting, she entered this field as a dream.

After watching the Nepali movie Lakkha Jawan in the hall, she said that the rain made her feel entertained and emotional at the end. She says that she did not lose so many films until she entered the film industry. She says that from earlier in her life, she thought that only 20% of her work would be done and other things would happen suddenly. Having spent 8 years in the field of acting, Barsa said that she stood in front of the camera for the first time during the shooting of a movie. She says that she started acting in the film industry, even before her journey, before the release of the film, her music videos came to the market.

Barsa has said that people should be very careful in everything they do. Even if they have a small disagreement with someone, if they are seen working together, the media will show you that they will get married after a month. Barsa has said that they are coming. Some media have said that if they see someone talking to them, they make it news and print the news that there is a rumor that he said so. Varsha, who says that love is essential in life, has said that after some time, love will turn into love.

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