Barsha Siwakoti Wedding || OFFICIAL WEDDING VIDEO ||

On Friday, Barsha Siwakoti, a well-known Nepali cinema actress, will marry. Actress Keki Adhikari married secretly on Thursday, stunning the Nepali public. Barsha is engaged to be married, much as Keki. Barsha will marry her engineer fiance, who resides in the United States, in secret on Friday. Barsha’s partner, who used to live in Baluwatar, Kathmandu, but now lives in the United States, is still unknown. Only two months ago, Barsha returned to Nepal from the United States. It’s said she went to the United States to get ready for the wedding.

Who can believe that actress Varsha Siwakoti, who is having fun in America, is getting married in a villa in Nepal, but even though people don’t believe that Barsa got married, it was true that she got married.  Lately, the hero and heroine Garu’s secret marriages have started giving a positive message to the society.  Barsa is tied the knot with Ashish Gelal at Bisu Villa in Raniban, Nagarjuna.  After graduating as an engineer, he worked in the United States.

Just a week ago, Siwakoti, a social media mogul, said that birthday celebrations were held in the United States.  Bursa had to delete the photos posted on his social network after various people made news in the media about the photos posted by Bursa while traveling in some parts of the United States.  , Because of which people are not able to exercise their freedom.

The two have met in the United States and settled the matter.  Varsha and Asis, who had planned to get married in the United States, came to Nepal and tied the knot secretly.  After he made a statement saying that he was married, the audience liked him.  Today, April 22, 2022, with the consent of our family, we are very much happy to hear about this marriage in the presence of our family.  We would like to thank him for making the marriage public.

Ashish and Varsha, who were tied in marriage, had entered the house in Baluwatar of Asis.  Since then, she has made various movies and music videos.  Born in Biratnagar, Varsha grew up in Sitapaila, Kathmandu. She passed +2 from Whitehouse College, then completed her BBA studies.  Although Varsha’s father wanted to become a banker, he became involved in acting as soon as he got involved in acting.  She has not disclosed what profession she will take up after marriage

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