Becoming a big critic: shrinkhala khatiwada response after dad birodh khatiwada

Opposition government was formed after the dissolution of the two-thirds government in Nepal.  The people and the leaders of Nepal have lost the trust of all parties due to the bad deeds that have taken place.  No matter how much the general public criticizes the work being done in this way, it does not seem to have made much difference.
Lately, the leaders of Nepal have been criticized by their own party and people at home. The reason for this is that there are no successful people in Nepal’s politics.  Political parties and activists have been pushed into politics out of respect for each other’s behavior. The people cannot do anything on their own, which should be taken care of by the government.  If he starts to do so, the leaders and cadres will reach to cut off his legs.
It has become difficult for the common man to eat. Due to which the common people have felt that the government of Nepal has failed. It has become difficult for the people to get adequate service facilities from the people who have reached high positions in Nepal.  There is no work to be done. In a situation where it is difficult for the common man to run a normal household business, the activities of the government are found to be worse than they are said to be.
Bidor Khatiwada, who was recommended by the Unified Socialists in the coalition government, was appointed health minister in the coalition government.  She is from Nepal. She has gained a lot of attention in Nepal. She has a lot of fan floors.Mr. Khatiwada, who has become the health minister, is already active in politics.  Khatiwada’s daughter also congratulated her father and said that if she did a good job, she would become a big fan and if she did a bad job, she would become a big critic.  Chalne says.

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