Becoming a honeymoon bride, Manoj Gajurel’s comedy in front of KP Oli?

Comedian Manoj Gajurel has made the audience laugh by satirizing the actions of the leaders in a program organized by the ANNISU-WU Central Committee on November 20.  He is a strong inspirational artist of the society. He has satirized Nepali politics. Artists are the songs of the nation.  The artist is a force that can change the world.

At the Kamaladi Pragya Bhawan, organized by the UNRWA Central Committee, he made the audience laugh by making fun of politics.  He looked at the people present and said that people should not ask what the party is all about. He had given the audience ten minutes to speak and he had made the audience laugh.

It takes ten minutes to heat the fuel and kill the train. He also remembers the honor bestowed on the people in this building. He reminded KP Oli that the map came 15 days after he spoke two years ago.  He also said that when a national artist satirizes all the customers, he will not provoke many.  Were given.

He said that Madhab would reach Nepal more than soil to make people laugh and to get applause KP Oli would come more than fire.  Manoj Gajurel said that the people who had started the revolution the day before had become better overnight.

This is how he remembers the time he had lunch with Manmohan Singh. We are eating because old age is strong and strong. Even a young man like you has to eat sometimes.  People who are involved in politics are honest thieves even if they are thieves. They said that they have the art of survival.  He also said that he remembers three people from ICU when people are sick, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Gyanendra Sahi, KP Oli.

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