Beech-Beechma 4-Khass Putali controversy

Recently, after the National Lok Dohori Pratishthan decided to boycott singer and model Durgesh Thapa over Teej song ‘Beech-Beechma 4-Khass Putali’, Thapa said that he was treated unfairly. He said that he had not received any formal request from the National Lok Dohori Pratisthan about the wording of the song. Guest Shiva Hamala has expressed his views on this subject. Let’s see what he has to say

He said, “I could have removed the song, I could have been called to the institute once for advice, but to this day no one has done that.” Singer Thapa has been accused of altering the offensive words used in the song, but not paying attention to the National Lok Dohori Pratisthan.

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