Behind the success, Pooja Sharma

Actress Puja Sharma has said that she will never miss her father. She said that when she needed her father’s help and support, she did not get it and now she does not need it. Puja, who has been living only with her mother, has a life of struggle because her father rejected her. Puja was brought up by her mother alone. Puja and her mother were rejected by the family for having a daughter, she said in an earlier interview.

“I don’t miss my father,” she said. I hung up the phone as soon as I heard the sound. I don’t even like to talk. I don’t need it anymore. My hands and feet are perfectly safe. I can eat by myself. So I don’t miss my father now. Why should he call himself? My mom and I didn’t get what we needed with the family. I don’t need them anymore.

She says she has the courage to do whatever it takes. She said that her mother gave her that courage. She said that only her mother could handle her life. She said that she could not think about marriage now so that she would not have to be away from her mother.

She said that she wanted to spend as much time with her mother as possible so she decided to delay the marriage. What is it like to get married and go home? I can’t think of marriage even after thinking about all this.

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