Bhabuk Dipashree, who is suffering from cancer, wished to meet everyone

There are sometimes ups and downs in human life, and it is in your hands to change and make human life worthwhile. Artists are the jewels of the nation, who have worked to decorate the nation. When singer Smrita Adhikari got cancer, after she recovered a little from the drug treatment, the strength and enthusiasm in her still does not seem to have decreased, even now she has expressed her desire to meet the artist with her smiling face.

Although a person thinks of his life in a different way, time and circumstances have shown him a different path, so that the goals of life are standing on different edges. Now, actress Deepa Sri Niraula has gone to meet the singer in her village. Dipa was thinking about how she would face her sister when she met her, but when she came here to meet her and saw a different kind of power in her, she said that she also gained strength in herself.

She said that even though her strength was different before, she still thinks that she will continue her life by keeping the same energy. Even though she seems to have lost her voice due to her illness, she has been giving information about her health and other things through Tiktik. Deepa has said that as an artist entertains others and adds positive message energy to a society, she is close to the audience through social networks even when she is ill.

Smrita has said that she should live her life for others, even though she is living for herself in her heart when she is fighting life and death, she has said that human life should be lived for others. Although she is known as a singer after 40 years, she has said that she has been enjoying life with all her friends since childhood. She said that after fulfilling other life goals in life, she is also going to fulfill the field of artistry, which has been in her heart since childhood.

She has said that she has kept the strength from her heart to do something for the nation and now that many artists are coming to meet her, she still has more strength in her heart. Even though we came to see the patient, the Kalakars said that they came to see us because of their confidence that they will get well. The artists who went to meet Smrita said that since they are her fans since childhood, they will release a duet song soon. He said that he is very happy now that he has overcome cancer.

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