Bhagwan Koirala Talk about heart disease and corona virus

The second wave of corona virus infections in the world has intensified. In this case, doctors are advising to be aware of the corona. In this regard, the discussion with Dr. Bhagwan Koirala about heart disease and corona virus is presented here.

According to him, the Nobel Corona virus is a new species, so not many people knew about it until last year. Now that it has undergone a double mutation, there is more confusion about its nature and effect. It is a difficult time to say that this is the treatment for its impact on the society, its impact on health and its treatment. There have been many studies about it. But it is really difficult to say in depth about the whole truth. Due to this, the understanding of doctors has also changed.

Dr. Bhagwan Koirala is a renowned cardiologist in Nepal. Last year, there was a long lockout to stop the spread of the corona virus. After 7 months, there has been a lockdown in Nepal. In this context, he said, the more open it is, the more the corona infection has spread. The spread of the virus has been largely due to the negligence of the people in the border areas before the start of the second lockdown, even though we ourselves have ignored the health standards. According to him, in the case of Nepal, the situation is out of control like in the neighboring countries. He understands that the lockdown should have taken place a few months ago.

There is worldwide information on how to control the corona and how to control it. He said that it could not be implemented. Adherence to these health standards can still prevent corona infections in Nepal. “Nothing is impossible,” he said, adding that Corona could be brought under control.

He says that even if he stays where he is for a week or 15 days, the corona can be brought under control. In addition, the rate of corona infection can be reduced if the border is fully sealed. He said that especially the chronically ill should not be allowed to go out of the house and health standards should be followed.

The real meaning of lockdown is to maintain social distance. In a country where people follow science completely. Or in a country that fully believes in politics, the Corona is in complete control. But in countries that do not believe in politics, where individual freedom is more important than social freedom, the Corona virus is spreading immensely, he said. Koirala, who believes in passion rather than position, has expressed confidence that the situation will return to normal in a few months.

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