Bharatpur is becoming a battleground of Renu and Bijay

Rishi Dhamala went to bharatpur to conduct program in the behalf of election. There is only few days to election to starts, lots of heart beat has started. As per Dhamala all those respected leaders, who were prime minister of our country for eg; Puspha Kamal Dahal, Ghirija Prasad Koirala started their journey from bharatpur.

Renu Dahal is the current Mayor of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Nepal. She became a full-time member of the CPN in 1996 after joining the party in 1994. Dahal is the daughter of Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the former Prime Minister of Nepal and co-chair of the Nepal Communist Party.

He asked Renu what she have done for bharatpur till now, why people should make her mayor another time. Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC) Mayor Renu Dahal was elected in 2017. Her efforts have become focused on the welfare and well-being of the people in the area. This is apparent in the resources she acquired and implemented. Furthermore, health is high on her priority list for the city’s development.

Her interest for health was demonstrated shortly after her formal election. Out-patient department services at state-run hospitals in Bharatpur city are now free for women and senior individuals over the age of 60, according to Mayor Renu Dahal. Mayor Dahal stated that she is aware of the health issues that women confront and hence prompted her to make the decision.

Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar is a Nepalese politician and senior Nepali Congress leader. Under the governments of Madhav Kumar Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai, KP Oli, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, and Sher Bahdur Deuba, he served five terms as deputy prime minister of Nepal. He served as Nepali Congress’s second vice-president.


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