Bhavana Acharya Luri, 120 kg. Even though her husband left Bhavana Acharya

She said that her husband was always behind her, showing good habits in the beginning, and when he got married to a man of double age, he got emotional and later he got fat. She said that she got very sad after her sister kept her in a very happy marriage. She said that after her husband left her, Sakkigoni gave her life. She said that because of her sister’s tea shop, the man used to stay with her when she came down the hill.

She says that after the family married a 17-year-old boy of double age, she got married against her will. She says that when she got pregnant for the first time, she had an abortion and when she had it for the second time, she did not want to do it. After giving birth to her second child, she said that her husband began to hate her. She said that her husband used to humiliate her a lot, did not allow her to come out from inside, did not even allow her to eat, and left her saying that she could not do anything after being careless. Later, Sakkigoni gave her life. She said that she was very happy after the sudden discussion from Nepali comedy TV series Sakkigoni.

She said that she felt good when her husband weighed 52 kg and later when she started hating him when she weighed 75 kg, she decided to go abroad. Apart from entertaining the Nepali audience, the artists who are showing their talents in the Nepali comedy genre have done the same thing to entertain them. The small Hindi dialogue in the new project is called Lurie, she said that it is a good project even if it is short. Sagar Lamsal says that he works as a character according to the story, as the incident demands.

Lori, who plays Jayante’s wife and is also good at caricatures, entertains the audience and makes them laugh. The incident played a role as demanded, not only entertaining the audience on screen, but also conveying a positive message. Deepak Archay has said that sometimes when shooting a video, he gets bored and suffers many problems. He said that he has shown his full potential by giving his hand in the field of artistry.

“Because a lot of people are obese and have raised negative issues, no matter what kind of person they are, they should be able to clean up their act,” she said. She said that it is bad to try to tarnish the image of and that there are people who are fatter than her. “If a person eats with his hard work, he should be supported,” she said. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Bale said that he was very happy to bring the song to the market, which has a constant emotional style. Luri said that for the first time in her life, she was emotional when she came in front of many cameras and was given an interview.

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